The Giant Dwarf studio is a highly flexible small scale soundstage located in Redfern, in Sydney’s Inner West.

Designed to accommodate the daily set changes of ABC TV’s The Checkout, the studio comes with a range of set-dressings, including removable green screen walls as well as an attached dressing/laundry room to make any costumed production a breeze.

Located on the ground floor of Giant Dwarf’s production office, we are able to offer a range of additional services to assist with your production, including set construction, studio assistants, art direction, equipment operation, editing, and more. To get a quote for studio hire including these services, be sure to contact us directly and we’ll be able to discuss the specifics of your project’s requirements.

Additional to the studio, Giant Dwarf also operates a larger space – the Giant Dwarf Theatre – within walking distance of our soundstage/office. This space is also available for hire, and has been used for various large scale productions including shoots for TV shows, music videos, and live podcast recordings.