GD Studio is the Swiss Army Knife of studios: what it lacks is size, it makes up for in versatility, all located conveniently in Redfern


Studio Specifications:

Size:    5.6m x 5m x 3m (height)


GD Studio Basic Package

# Fully air-conditioned

# Pre rigged lights (see Basic Light Package below)

# Make-up/dressing room

# studio attendant (to assist with Basic Package only: additional services extra)



  • Chroma Green
  • White out
  • black backgrounds


But if you’re looking for a practical sets, the studio can expand to a prac window and door,

for contemporary or period interiors, and even a kitchen.

As you’ll see from the portfolio the way GD Studio has been used so far, all manner of custom set and design options , developed for an additional fee by our in-house Art Director, are possible (pricing is case by case).


Basic Light package:

Key                      # Aputure 300d 2k LED with soft light box (1m x2m)

Side fill                # Bi-colour LED panel on floor stand

Back light            # x2 LED Fresnel + Square LED Panel ( in grid)



8 hour booking (9am to 5pm) – $595.00 +GST

4 hour booking (within 9am to 5pm) –  $395.00 +GST


Additional hours / out of hours operation by arrangement.


Additional elements

LED panel + Square LED Panel (in Grid)

Autocue + operator

We also have camera equipment and operators, for hire as well as post production

Facilities available.


For more information please contact us at [email protected] or using the form below



Please note, while we do our best to get back to questions as fast as possible, we can't guarantee a response outside regular office hours.